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free drawing programs

Hi everyone,


Hope this message finds you all well. I am looking for a simple free download of a drawing or sketch program. For now all I want to do is draw up some plans for a BBQ stand. What I need is to show stud placement,surface covering, the ability to change measurements, and maybe a 3D look.



                              Thanking you all in advance,


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Re: free drawing programs

Moved to the Woodworking Software forum for you.


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Re: free drawing programs

Hard to believe no one has chimed in on this yet. The obvious pick is "sketch-up" Do a google search and you'll find it. Great program and absolutely free.


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Re: free drawing programs

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Welcome to the software forum.  I have to agree, Sketchup seems to fit your needs to a T.


Some feel that the learning curve is steep but I have found the oposite to be the case.  If you are a career user of some Cad software you may have to unlearn some of your old habits.  I have found sketchup to be very intuitive and easy to learn.  I was drawing my first project within two hours of downloading the program.


This is a sand box I drew for my neighbor in about 15 minutes.






sandbox 2.jpg

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Re: free drawing programs

I used TurboCad for several years (used is kind of misnomer) and found that it had a learning curve that a Humvee could not tackle.  Then I found SketchUp - for free.  If you browse Fine Woodworking web site you will see a Sketchup Guide for Woodworkers program for purchase for about $12.  WELL worth the money.  It takes you through setting the program up for "Woodworking", basics of drawing circles, squares, extrusion, circles, dovetails, mortise and tenons, rabbets, dados, etc, etc... 

It is a great program and using it lowers the learning curve down to a moped level.