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What web browser do you use

I am on windows 7 and I still use windows explorer.  Any reason to change?  What about Google chrome?

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Re: What web browser do you use

Chrome is good (so I've heard). I use Firefox with great results. Not near as many problems as IE. I did put Chrome on for my wifes facebook, etc., (she tends to shop where they like to e-mail crap) and it has worked well for her.

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Re: What web browser do you use

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7/firefox here...


chrome is google...

to much big brother for me....



no thanks...

it's installed and "turned off"...

but I catch it "phoneing home"...

this would have been the week that I'd have finished chewing thru the restraints...
if only new layers hadn't been added....


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Re: What web browser do you use

XP with Firefox, Seamonkey,  Opera, and IE....used by frequency in that order.  Don't have Chrome and rarely use IE unless some site (like MS) requires it.


Have multiple add-ons for Firefox....  BetterPrivacy, Ghostery, Adblock Plus, Noscript, KeepVid, and Beef Taco.  Most of those are to eliminate stuff being sent and dumped on my computer, or to prevent tracking cookies and other stuff like that.   just me....

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Re: What web browser do you use

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Primarily firefox. There are a couple websites I go to that don't like it so I use IE for those. I have chrome loaded but seldom use it.



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