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Re: Need a basic drawing program

i just saw an article today about some CAD stuff....supposed to be's the article


I have not used the software.


I don't know or endorse the company or it's products or have any financial interest.

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Re: Need a basic drawing program

    I have been using DeltaCad for several years. It is offered free at as a demo that works for 30 days. The demo is a full scale version of the program and does everything. I like it because I come from paper and pencil drafting and it is very similar. The learning curve is not very bad, it has a pretty good help function. After the program expires simply reinstall it and keep going, you will not lose any of your work when you do this. At least thats the way it was the last time I checked the website. I bought my own copy about 10 years ago and have bought a couple updates since. The program is very reasonably priced.     I AM NOT ASSOCIATED WITH DELTACAD IN ANY WAY.    Dennis