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Issues disc locks up.

I purchased the magazine issues disc a couple months ago, and at first it sorta kinda worked.  Now, I can get as far as the program "home page", but when I try to open up the articles index, the program locks up, and I get a Adobe Not Responding message.  I was running Adobe version 10.  I deleted that version, and loaded the 9.4 from the disc, but had the same problem.  I haven't had the same problem with other Adobe pdf files.  They load and work just fine.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Issues disc locks up.

Sorry Tom,  I haven't a clue.  I think I'm using the latest version of adobe and I just tried mine it works fine.  I would try the disk on another machine.

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Re: Issues disc locks up.

+1.  This has the hallmarks of being localized to this machine.


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Re: Issues disc locks up.

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Make sure your disk is clean and free of any scratches.


Try the disk on another computer.

That will tell you if the disk is bad, or your CD-ROM is bad.


If CD is bad, you may need to contact Wood and ask for replacement. I am not sure what the policy is on that.



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Re: Issues disc locks up.


Send me an email at and we'll see if we can get it cleared up.

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Re: Issues disc locks up.

I would almost bet it's an Adobe problem. You can try a couple of different things to find out. First, you could install a third party pdf reader like foxit reader. Secondly, uninstall adobe reader. Reboot and reinstall it. Another sign it could be an Adobe problem is if you have trouble loading any other pdf file.


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