Pedastal Base Update

by Poker_Table on ‎02-10-2012 12:56 PM

Jim and I have finished the cutting, assembly and glue-up for the pedestal and base for the Truman Poker tables.   We continued our adventure of fitting this puzzle sides to everything.  The pedestal bases were particularly challenging because the laminated layers alternate and overlap.  The key was having two of us thinking it through.  When one got frustrated, the other stepped in with an idea or solution.  We worked our way through step by step with our on-going version of this construction.  We would have paid dearly to have the original builders plans!


Following are some pics of how we approached this and pulled it together.  We are sure there are many smarter folks than us that would have found easier solutions!


We cut the seven sections of each layer on the table saw with the sled.  Then we trimed them down on the band saw for the alternating layers. 

Cutting Pedestal Base Pieces

We shaped the top two layers around the pedestal base, fitting them with the band saw, and flush triming with a router.  Rubic's Cube is not as challenging!

Flush Trimming Pedestal Base Layer


Gluing Pedestal


Triming Base for Flush Triming




Next up will be circular top rings that attach the pedestal to the top.  We will use a router tramel for that, cutting circles from glued up panels of mahogany, just like the original.


Please review our other posts to help answer a question about filling the imperfections between all of these layers and laminations.


Thanks and Regards,


Dave and Jim