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Wooden Clothespin Technology

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After inspecting the clothespin modified into a rubber band shooting gun taken from one of my students, I began considering how useful these little clips can be. I've used them in the past as cheap weak clamps. This weekend, I made another tiny advancement in WTC (wooden clothespin technology).


By inserting the clothespin ends into a hole, I created an "anticlamp" in that the handles push out gripping the hole's walls and allowing a grip for finishing the pictured ice cream scoop handle. You can also see I added a spring clamp to permit the mechanism to be free-standing.


When I need to insert the clothespin into a smaller hole, I can sand down the clothespin ends to fit (see picture 1).


So how have YOU used this lowly tool in a novel way?


carved clothespin.jpgclothespin anticlamp.jpg