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Set-up blocks

Here's an idea for set-up blocks to use for tablesaw or router table settings:


Go to your industrial supply dealer and purchase a variety of lathe tool bits.

They come in a range from 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 1/2". Many are ground to size and

are plenty accurate for woodworking settings. Prefer the ground bits.Smiley Happy

(I wouldn't rely on them for calibrating calipers or micrometers though.)Smiley Sad


I was also fortunate enough to be able to get a set of precision pin gages (.060 -.250)

by .001" increments, and a small assortment of gage blocks when the manufacturing

plant I worked at closed down. These items have served me well.Smiley Very Happy

But the ground tool bits are invaluable.


Rockler sells brass blocks, but are advertised for an accuracy of +/- .005" this doesn't

sound too accurate to me. A review comment mentioned using them to check the

accuracy af a caliper - I don't recommend using them for that degree of accuracy.

Frank in Anderson, SC

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Re: Set-up blocks

You need to move this to shop tips...

It's a good one...


But I have a question...


.005" = 1/200th's of an inch...

Working that tight with wood consistently is nearly impossible...

Just working at 1/64" with regularity is an IRL achievement..

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if only new layers hadn't been added....


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Re: Set-up blocks

Moved to the Shop Tips forum for you.


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