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Handy Glue Spreader Tip

I have tried virtually every method imaginable to efficiently spread wood glue on my projects.  This has become my favorite.  I save all of my old credit/gift cards as well as the magnetic keys from hotel rooms and any other source that I can find for this type of card or virtually any source for thin semi-flexible plastic.  I have also cut them from things like the lids to butter containers and such.  Anyway, I then take the card and cut along one edge using a pair of pinking shears.  This leaves a saw tooth like edge on the card.  This makes a perfect mini-glue trowel of sorts and helps with applying glue sufficiently and evenly.  I can vary the size of the notches for different applications.  Also, simply drop the card into a container of water and the glue is easily cleaned off for use again later or, since they don't cost anything, simply throw them away after use.  Since they are plastic, the glue will not permanently stick so, even if the glue dries on them, it can still be cleaned off easily.  Last, I can also cut these into various shapes and sizes depending on the particular need in order to get the glue right where it is needed.

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Re: Handy Glue Spreader Tip

I use hair combs, a pack of them in various sizes is cheap at discount stores and you can get 2 different spreads.




wipe the excess of when done, let it dry and just run your finger nail across the ends and the glue pops off.

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Re: Handy Glue Spreader Tip

Very nice.

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Re: Handy Glue Spreader Tip

drag a squeegee across some 24 grit several time to make minor/light serrations and use that.... more pressure - thinner application.... less pressure gives you more glue... easy clean up... accurate glue placement too...
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Re: Handy Glue Spreader Tip

Great idea. And it  beats cutting those little notches.