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Framing clamps for Workmate-type portable bench

Shop Tips has a plan for making add-on clamps.  It directs that the end of a 3/8" threaded rod be "flattened" (to keep it from pulling through the end of a stripped T-nut in the clamping block).  HOW do you flatten the tip of the rod to accomplish this?

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Re: Framing clamps for Workmate-type portable bench

The idea is to hammer on the end of the rod as if you were peaning over the head of a rivet. Obviously this must be done before seating the drilled-out T-nut in the block.


This is similar to the technique of hammering the end of a threaded rod or bolt to distort the threads so that a nut will bind. It's just more of the same since the nut in this case has had the threads drilled out. That just means that you need a pretty good mushroom head on the rod end.