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Worst tool in your shop

Well today was tune-up day in my shop. It's my twice yearly day where I tune everything up. Sand rust off machines and do what I can to get everything running like well a fine tuned machine. Well i guess I should be embarassed to say this but I finally noticed how bad my bandsaw is. It's an early 80s 12" Craftsman I got after my father-in-law passed way. Well the issues: The motor is very well attached to the mount the mount is very well attached to the legs, the shaft coming out of the motor has a wobble and to make matters worse the shaft coming from the wheels to the belt pulley has a wobble so bad you can see it while it's running. It's also loud and squeaks at start up. The guide bearings don't always stay properly adjusted. After seeing and typing all that stuff I realize I'm kind of in desparate need of a new one.


Here's my question. What is your worse shop tool? What needs replacing or upgrading the most?

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Re: Worst tool in your shop

The only bad one I can think of is a power planer from a traveling tool truck. The problem is that the blades are trash. I should put it in a yard sale. Come to think about it, I believe I did, but there were no takers!

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Re: Worst tool in your shop

all gone....

this would have been the week that I'd have finished chewing thru the restraints...
if only new layers hadn't been added....

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Re: Worst tool in your shop

Me. I am by far the worst tool in my shop. I can tune up all the other tools, but have not found out how to tune up myself to produce great results in every project.


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Re: Worst tool in your shop

Worst tool - probably a jig saw.  I made the mistake of buying a Skil jig saw a while back.  I probably shouldn't keep it.  I use my stepfather's old Craftsman that I inherited.


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Re: Worst tool in your shop

My worst tool is a Harbor Fright scroll saw. It was given to me as a gift. First thing that went out was the capacitor. I went to a motor shop and got one the same value but three times the physical size. They were amazed that the small chinese capacitor actually lasted as long as it did.

Second thing is the table is cast aluminum, but the casting is crooked, and the table cannot be made straight. This may be okay for thin scroll work - less than 3/8 inch thick, but even that's pushing it.

Third is the dust blower mechanism never did work.

I had to replace the upper blade "grabber" screw. It was stripped from the factory.


So far, since 2002, I have used it on three thin projects, and all it does now is take up space.


I'll probably find a worst enemy, and give it to him. Serves him right!


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Re: Worst tool in your shop

The ones I paid to little for because I didn't think I'd use it very often.

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Re: Worst tool in your shop

The worst one might be the one that has been neglected for long time.

One we just didn't think it was worth spending time to sharpen, fix, etc.


One to replace is the one that has seen its time. It has served us well but.....



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Re: Worst tool in your shop

My worst ones usually have already found their way into the trashcan.  Nothing worse than a crappy tool - that's the one you usually hurt yourself using.


That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it  :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Worst tool in your shop

My worst tool is my window fans.  When it gets in the 100s down here in Alabama all I'm doing is pulling hot air in from the outside.  I just have to get up early and head in the house around 2 or 3 in the afternoon when it gets that hot.


As for anything else, thank goodness I'm finally replaced all the crudy tools over the years with some decent ones.  However, I am looking to upgrade my scroll saw at the present. Mine is a Dremel and does a fairly good job, but I would like a little less chatter.  Dremel offers excellent customer service, by the way.


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