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Re: Someday....

I have lots of tools, and can't really imagine not having them for the projects that I do, but the one thing that I put off buying and was over the top pleased with it's performance was a Workshop 3000. It is a joy to have an always sharp chisel on the bench.

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Re: Someday....



If you're interested, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse for that 14" bandsaw.  Smiley Wink


Unless it's already spoken for that is.


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Re: Someday....

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It is, in fact, NOT spoken for yet, and it'll need a new home eventually.


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Re: Someday....

I had lusted for a thickness planer. I cashed in some gold jewlery and purchased a Delta Planer. I now sit down with cup of coffee and admire my purchase. In time I will actually use it.


Jerry from Michigan

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Re: Someday....

This could be a long list for me but most recently my lathe, it's on order, I've had an interest in turning pens for about 13 years!

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Re: Someday....

In a way I feel bad lusting for more tools because in the last 14 months I have bought a Grizzly 8" spiral cutter head jointer and a Grizzly 17" bandsaw plus rewired the shop for 220 and a new Shop Fox rip fence.   BUT I really need a 3-5 hp planer.  I buy most of my wood in the rough and it takes forever to plane it on my small planer.  Or maybe an open end drum sander or a bigger spindle sander or that PM mortise machine and what about dust collection!