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Ridgid R4330 planer

I got a new Ridgid R4330 planer and I am having trouble getting the snipe out of it.Any ideas or tuning tricks I should know?

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Re: Ridgid R4330 planer

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Snipe often occurs with very short boards, but can also be associated with improperly adjusted infeed and outfeed tables, so I'd start with adjustments to those.  You can try running multiple shorter boards end to end in succession to make the short boards look like one longer board.  You can also reduce snipe be lifting the end of the board a little bit as in enters the planer, and again as it exits. 

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Re: Ridgid R4330 planer

I have the same planner, there are adjusting screws under the infeed and out feed tables, you need to put a straight edge thru the machne and sit it on edge and adjust the tables until they are flat. You will still get a small amount of snipe but should not be as noticeable. You can also try and have the tables raised on the ends and see it that helps.

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Re: Ridgid R4330 planer

Scott gave you perfect answer in solving your problem.


Very often those are the tricks that would prevent snipe.

Also, I think it is mentioned in the owners manual.



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