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Dewalt planer and Ridgid Miter stand

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Dewalt 5.jpgDewalt 6.jpgFound this idea on another forum, thought some might like the idea.


Dewalt 1.jpgDewalt 2.jpgDewalt 3.jpgDewalt 4.jpg

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Re: Dewalt planer and Ridgid Miter stand

Nice and sunny day, W&T.


That's a nice tool to have around especially if something needs to be transported.



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Re: Dewalt planer and Ridgid Miter stand

Thanks for the post.  Been looking for a solution for some of my tools that require moving when I use them.  Seems like they have grown heavier and heavier over the years and moving them has become a real chore - si much that I need to move them today so I can rest up and use them tomorrow.



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Re: Dewalt planer and Ridgid Miter stand

I like those stands so much I have two.  The older one is the original design and the newer one looks to be a little different than the one you show.  My SCMS rides on one and the Dewalt 734 on the other.

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Re: Dewalt planer and Ridgid Miter stand

I mounted my Dewalt planer on a Delta portable tool cart about a year ago, and at the same time mounted my router table to another Delta portable tool cart. I had mounted my miter saw to an identical tool cart about 5 years ago.


All because I have to work in a 11x24 workshop and have too many tools to set them all up permanently.


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Re: Dewalt planer and Ridgid Miter stand

I don't have room for all my machines, and shop is 28x32! Now, where did all this junk come from!? I must straighten it up tomorrow! LOL!

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