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Delta 18"Scroll Saw Model 40-601

The saws control panel has stoped workingas it should. Even though it is an older saw, it is in mint condition except for the control panel. When I walked into the shop a while back it was runing at a very , very slow speed. The speed control/on-off switch  was pushed in (off)position . When you would pull the knob out(on)position, it would stop. When you turn the switsh/knob which should regulate the speed of the blade the speed would not change. I have talked with Delta and they tell me the same thing that their services centers across the country  tell me . NO REPAIR PARTS AVAILABLE for the control panel and NO CONTROL PANELS AVAILABLE. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can wire around  the control panel ? What parts I would need and where they could be purchased. Or do you know of anyone who I could send it to to get it repaired. It is too good of a machaine to sell for junk!



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Re: Delta 18"Scroll Saw Model 40-601


  take the switch out if you can use compressed air to blow dust out of the switch. scroll saw dust is very small and gets into every thing. may not work but that's where i would start.

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Re: Delta 18"Scroll Saw Model 40-601

That is a sweet saw....take the switch out and clean to the extent that you can, you should be able to find an on off rheostat switch to replace it if cleaning doesn't work. If the power supply is at fault, there are 90 volt Dc power supplies available, you may even find one on an abandoned tread mill. Check the amps on the motor. Kevin
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Re: Delta 18"Scroll Saw Model 40-601

Hey you might check and see if any other manufacture started making that scroll saw. The reason I say this is because I bought two Delta sanders # 31- 340  in a bunch of tools and equipment at a school auction and before I got interested in bidding on that stuff I researched if all the stuff was still available in parts. I found Delta stopped making the 31-340 but Jet now has the same exact sander different color but exactly the same sander. It turned out both sanders needed switches and nothing else and an Ace Hardware had the same switches so I didn't have to go 60 miles to a larger town to look. I also noticed Delta now has the Dewalt 788 in their catalog but in Delta's color. Don't know if Dewalt will stop making the 788 or not, hope not cause there were 7 Dewalt scroll saws in the auction.

  And if you find the saw is being made by Jet or anyone else let everyone here know about it.


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