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cyclone dust collector

A few years back wood published an article on building a shop built cyclone dust collector.  Does anyone know which issue it is in and does it work?

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Re: cyclone dust collector

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Re: cyclone dust collector

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Others here may tell you to build the Bill Pentz cyclone, but I built the Wood Magazine cyclone and am very happy with it. You will want to use a larger filter and blower though. Here is a link to a single stage machine that I bought and used to build mine.

I used the upper bag for my filter. With the larger blower, you will also want to enlarge the intake pipe to 6" diameter and the inner pipe to 8" diameter.

Another site that you may find usefull is this one.

It will come in handy when you're enlarging the inlet hole and when you are ducting your shop.

Here is a another link to a useful article from Wood Magazine.

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Re: cyclone dust collector

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I built that one as well, and I think it seperated the dust better than the Oneida I now have. If you build it, be sure to get the improvements published after the original article....especially the neutral vane. I put an overiszed DC on mine (A PSI DC250) and when I was done the inlet and outlet were 6", and the inner pipe was 8" (I think). If I recall correctly the inlet as designed was 6", but the outlet was 4", and the inner pipe 6". I used for about 7 years and really liked it. It's true the Pentz cyclone is a much more refined design, but if you add the air ramp (you don't have too) it may be quite a bit more work. Good luck, it really is a lot of fun building it!

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