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New Oneida System need help

I have a new complete Oneida system on it's way in a couple of weeks and want a good looking way  to hang my ductwork . Thinking about making them from wood. Sort of like the old stockades they put people in years ago. Any ideas ?

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Re: New Oneida System need help

I replied already to your post in general woodworking but this one is a little different so I'll replie to this one too.

Making "stockade" brackets is exactly what I did. You can kind of get the idea in this photo. If you can't see it good enough, ask and I will try and get a new and better shot of it as soon as I can.


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Re: New Oneida System need help

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This most certainly not going to meet your criteria of "good looking", but I'm very much a "function over form" guy and here's what I did: simply split a piece of 2x10 that has already had a proper size hole put in it. Also, you would have drilled each leg for a 6" +long/ 1/4" lag bolt to fasten it back together. Anyway, though this might inspire something better looking to meet your needs.

Duct 1sm.jpg

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