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Benchtop Drill Press Stand

I just recently bought my first benchtop drill press and want to make a stand for it. Does anyone know where I can find a plan to build a stand for my drill press?
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Re: Benchtop Drill Press Stand

Here is a link to basic cabinet construction.


Use 1/2" or 3/4" sheeting for your box and construction. I normally use 3/4" particle board for shop cabinets.


For a drill press, I would build the box 24" wide, 24" deep and 30" tall.


I would then buy 4 casters, two ridgid and two swivel casters. Personally, I don't think you would need locking casters because all of your pressure would be down and not side to side or back to front.


Depending  upon what casters that you choose, they will raise the top of your cabinet to a height somewhere between 34" to 38".

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Re: Benchtop Drill Press Stand

I built something similar; it was just a small cabinet with three drawers in it.  It brought the height of the benchtop up to the same height as most floor models.  Just take the height of a floor model, subtract the height of your bench top, and that's your cabinet size.  The drawers are where I keep all of my drilling stuff: forstners, driving bits, etc.  Works great!

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Re: Benchtop Drill Press Stand


Good advice so far, here is a link to images so you can visualize your project: Surprisedfficial&clie...


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Re: Benchtop Drill Press Stand

Here's A PLAN that you can look at - Willy

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Re: Benchtop Drill Press Stand

No plans necessary. Just decide what you want, and do it. Mine was made many years ago from plywood. I had a bunch of those wooden "IN/OUT" boxes and sized the basic box stand to fit them as drawers.


Drill Press R.JPG


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