Completed Electric Guitar (case pics added 9/23/10)

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This is a hard tail electric guitar made for my oldest son….my 2nd guitar, and 2nd completed project of the year. The front is curly maple with green dye, the body is ash painted black. The finish is lacquer. Those interested in details of the build can find more info here . Completion time was about a month…roughly 70 hours. There are still a few adjustments to be made, and I need to fit cover for the jack, but it’s working well so far.



The case followed a few weeks after completing the guitar....just some shop scraps covered with material.  The inside is foam cut around the guitar body, and covered with fleece.  The hardware was purchased through Parts was ~ $25 for the case.



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And so.... how does she sound and how does she play?     Looks like a modern shred machine - no lilting suspended seventh jazz chords on this monster!

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Thanks Matt - The sound is very encouraging so far.  The final tuning and intonation adjustments still need to be done, but we're pleased with the pickups and combination of sounds so far.  This son is a relatively inexperienced player, so I'd really like to hear it in the hands of a more advanced player.  My middle son is pretty good, we sent him back to college last week.  I'm going to try and get some video/sound clips posted....

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Wow, Scott. That's awesome! I've been tempted to try a guitar myself, but I don't play. I've got a friend that keeps trying to get me to make him one, but I hate trying that for someone else.. the first time. Absolutely beautiful work Scott.

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Absolutely beautiful. I have built a couple of electric guitars, so I know what work goes into it. GREAT JOB!!!!!

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woooo. it's really beautiful, great job! It's my dream to be able to know every little thing about building. miter saw



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