Knowing when to say NO

by Community Manager ‎06-27-2014 05:33 PM - edited ‎06-27-2014 07:23 PM

Several months back I was contacted by a casting agent who was trying to fill slots for a design competition show for TV.

It was a hard sell -kind of thing.  Fuzzy details, lots of promises that had positively gaping holes in them, and it sounded like vapor at the time.   OH yeah, and it'd require picking up and moving to the heart of LA for nine consecutive weeks in August/September.   As in: shutting down my business and not bringing in any income that does little things like pay my rent and put beans on the table.


But gee... they're coming at me again.  Slots Are Filling Fast, they say.  Act Soon, they advise.  Become Famous they promise.

I still say that it's a non-starter, and nothankywvurrymush, I'm flattered to be asked once again but there is no way/no how that I'm going to get on nationwide TV and let them set me up for failure and make a fool out of me for sake of ratings for TV.

I guess I'm just not that much of a glory hound that I need to voluntarily put myself through that.

As my ol' man used to advise me:  "STAY WOOD, PINOCCHIO!"

by woodmag50319
on ‎11-01-2014 04:41 AM

Good decision. We were contacted in a similar fashion about our business being 'featured' in a show and it was a useless waste of time. 

by Community Manager
on ‎11-10-2014 03:20 PM

And HERE, ladies and gentlemen, is the promo for what actually happened with this series.



UUUGGGhhhhh.   This thing is a HOT. MESS.   I am so thankful that I listened to the little voice in my head and stayed well away from this.  Based on how the judges savaged some of the contestants (and based on this being on Spike TV and not a crafty network) this thing is predecated on the notion that cruelty is entertainment.


Did I say PASS before?    It goes double now.  I have no interest in watching this trainwreck.