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Lathe chisel tutorial

I wasn't sure if this request should go here or in the turning forum but since it's a request for information I decided to ask here. I wonder if one or some of the expert lathe artisans would post a tutorial about lathe chisels, maybe even with some pictures. It seems to me there is dizzying selection of chisels to be had and it would be hard to have too much information. For instance, what makes a bowl gouge a bowl gouge? How is it different from a detail gouge? What's a fingernail grind? What is it used for and why is it better for what you do with it? Why are there left and right hand bowl scrapers? If you scrape one side of the bowl surely the other side is scraped as well. Speaking for me personally, I have the basic shopsmith set of chisels and have always just turned spindles. I've been playing with some small bowls and realize I probably should invest in some different chisels. What are the essential chisels required for successful small bowl turning, say 11" or less.



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Re: Lathe chisel tutorial

I second the motion! I just blew the dust off my lathe thats been sitting idol in my shop for the past 3 years.11-6-2011 002.JPG