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Re: Patching Holes for Insulation

Stephen, I like your idea, you could even add a tyvek sheet behind the siding to kill any drafts



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Re: Patching Holes for Insulation

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 One could even leave the battens in place.  Fill in the area between the battens with a fan-fold Blue board insulation, and a layer of Tyvek Housewrap.   The battens would serve as points to attach the vynil siding to, instead of hunting for studs to nail into. It would still stop any drafts, and also add a bit of insulation too. And it might be easier to do than removing all those battens.

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Re: Patching Holes for Insulation

Eric, everyone has given you some vary viable suggestions and I'm going to give you one more.


1. Find a rough sawn piece of plywood that will match your siding. You may have to go to a real lumber yard and not one of the big box home centers.

2. Buy a hole saw the same diameter as the holes in your siding. You may have to go one size larger and sand them down to size to get a good tight fit.

3. Chuck the hole saw up in your drill press (hopefully you have one, otherwise this won't work). Don't use the guide drill bit (it will leave another hole to patch). Drill out enough plugs for the holes in your wall.

4. Use Tite Bond III wood glue to glue the plugs in place, then paint or stain to match.


Finding the correct size plastic plugs would be your most economical and quickest option. You will notice them but it shouldn't be too bad.


Personally I would try to make my own wood plugs before I tried anything else. If your battens are wide enough you might want to try taking one of them off and get your patch material from behind them (?).


Residing that wall of the house would be my last option (but that's just me).



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