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Loose electrical box

I have a loose "double gang" electrical box.  Anytime I want to plug anything in the entire box pushes in on one side.  I've secured other loose boxes with "Madison straps," but that seemed to only work when the box was too far out on the one side.   In this case the outlet is recessed too deep on one side only...and this is the side that is loose.   On the other side the box is securely fastened to the stud. 


Besides removing the plastic box and installing an "old work" box how can I fix this?  

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Re: Loose electrical box

If the box is loose on the stud side then simply put a screw in the side (after shutting of the power) of the box. If the receptacle itself is loose, then try screwing it into the box a little deeper than than flush with the wall, then attach the plate and snug it up with the plate screw. Worth a try.

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Re: Loose electrical box

Something I thought of but have not tried myself:

I would try to "glue" the box to the sheetrock if screwing it to the stud doesn't help. I'd start with cutting the rock back 1/8" around the box and inject construction adhesive through and into the gap. 

Allowing the adhesive to cure for a day or two should hold it tight.

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Re: Loose electrical box

  Are the plaster ears still on the receptacle ?  They should catch the drywall and pull the box forward.    You may have to use a oversize wall plate to cover the ears.   If you have to replace the box slip a hacksaw blade between the box and stud and cut the nails.  Remember there are wires near by.  Also the old work box will need the retaining clips on the top and bottom as the stud will be in the way.     Roly

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Re: Loose electrical box

use low modulous foam applied behind the box..

careful on how mucg you pump in there...

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