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Re: Garage conversion

I'm in a detatched 2.5 car garage, too, with uneven floors.


As others have said, ignore the slope for purposes of many of the tools.  Locking casters will be your friend, though, especially for things like the router table.


HOWEVER..... that having been said, if you plan to have a stationary work or assembly bench DO take the opportunity to level and immobilize that.  You'll need to be able to not only establish square, but also level when working on bigger projects.   You'll thank yourself later for taking the time that it'll take to level it off and get things just so.


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Re: Garage conversion

Instead of spending money on a wood floor I would have the concrete removed and a good water barrier put down and a new concrete floor. I use my attached garage as my shop sharing with the cars. The floor was always wet. aabout fifteen years ago I had the driveway and garage replaced. They put the vapor barrier down and the floor has been dry since. Everything is on wheels and I have half a dozen mats I move to where I am working.