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trundle bed plans

my sweetheart(wife) has asked me to build our grandchildren a trundle instead of a bunk. i've extensively with no luck. please pass on any ideas that will help me find plans. thks, bill

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Re: trundle bed plans

Here is a set of plans available at the New Yankee Workshop.

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Re: trundle bed plans

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Trundle Bed.jpg

Don't have plans but I built this one for my Gdaughter. Just designed it myself. Bought a spring frame for the main bed and a roll out frame for the bottom that popped up level to the main bed, making it like a dble bed.  Got it from a mattress type store but can't remember which one.  The popped up frame determined the height to mount the main bed frame.  Sorry, never got a pic of it open.

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Re: trundle bed plans

Bill - if you could find some used or cheap trundle spring bed springs you could make something LIKE THIS - Willy

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Re: trundle bed plans

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Trundle beds for kids are functional, stylish beds with coasters which allow the bed to be rolled underneath when not in use. Some trundles can be fitted under existing loft or bunk beds, if the size of the loft bed's frame allows storing the trundle underneath. Maximising space in your child's bedroom will be an ever increasing headache, as your son or daughter will have more and more school books to store and more and more favourite toys to keep. With an increase in years comes an interest in different leisure time pursuits. Storage space for all the sports equipment, books, CDs and clothes will be hard to find, if your child's room is already full to capacity with an adult bed. Trundle beds offer a great space saving alternative.

If you are refurbishing a bed room then you should look at the trundle bed frames. It may not be what you originally had in mind, but they are strangely appealing. Once you realise the versatility they offer you suddenly decide that you can't live without one.

Originally trundle bed frames were not much more than a mattress in a drawer, stored under a bed. Now they are stylish, easy to use and pop up so your guests don't have to feel like they are sleeping on the floor.

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Re: trundle bed plans


A double header...


Welcome to the forums Allen and Bill… Glad you're here...

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There is a tremendous amount of information, help and technique contained in these following links...

Whatever your likes that may be, they are/will be generously covered there...

So explore to your heart's content...


Need inspiration and even more ideas???

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Re: trundle bed plans

Welcome to the forums of, Newest Members. I'd also like to invite you to explore the video channels as well.

WOOD Online has a very respectable library of free videos for your education and enjoyment in the pursuit of learning more about the craft of woodworking.

There are two channels you can look at for specific subjects:

The first is WOODCuts.
This is the site to go for “house” videos that WOOD magazine has produced for its site visitors. Although these may have commercials in them, and thus have a bit of a loading wait, they are still solid blocks of good to know information professionally shot and edited, with clear and concise demonstrations.

The second resource for videos is WOODTube.
These are user submitted videos usually shot by woodworkers who wish to visually share tips, tricks, and techniques they feel are worth passing on. This site has a search engine so you can get more specific in your need to know area.

And finally, don't forget you can use the site search function to bring up past articles of interest too!

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Re: trundle bed plans


 Along with what others have stated, the over style of the bed goes a long way into your plans. I remembered that I too had looked threw a set of Trundle beds back there sometime back. So after hitting some of my past time, "look about s",,,I found what I remembered. Hope this help yah',,,,,,,,,,





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