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raw oak tree slices

I just had an oak tree cut down and I made some 2" slices to make picture frames and table.  I would like to know how to preserve the oak wood slices, to help prevent cracking  and the bark from falling off when drying.  Or do I need to let the wood dry before doing anything to them.  What is the best way to beable to sand and cut  and preserve the wood and when can I polyurethane the pieces.  Also what products would I use.

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Re: raw oak tree slices

Whether or not you have not had it sawn into boards, it is important to seal the ends asap! Wood starts cracking quickly after tree being cut down. I use plain ole canning wax from the grocery store. I have had bad experience with latex paint as sealer. Once sliced, boards should be placed on strips of wood between each layer, placed in an area that air circulation is good to help drying porcess. Be sure to cover the stack. One year for every inch of thickness is usually recommended. Apply finish after cutting and dry-fitting. I do not know about the bark issue.

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Re: raw oak tree slices

No guarantees the bark will stay on...but the best way to keep the bark on is to harvest the tree during the winter when the sap has gone back down into the roots.  Are you in a colder climate?  If so, you're in an ideal position.



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Re: raw oak tree slices

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Stickering the ends is one way to go.


Working on such raw wood is not a good idea. it's best to let the wood dry to moisture level of about 10%, maybe bit less.


As is, wood will have lots of movement and your frames may suffer because of that.

And, obviously, poly finish is out of question for now.



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