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parts for reliant band saw

I got an old band saw given to me .I would like to fix it to give to my buddy. Who is just getting into wood working .

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Re: parts for reliant band saw

That saw is a gereric Taiwan manufactured Delta clone.  They were all almost identical.  I believe the current Harbor Freight is identical. 

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Re: parts for reliant band saw

I had a Reliant for a few years and it served me well. You didn't say what you needed for parts but alot of Delta parts will interchange. One thing different is the blade guides. The upper takes the 1/2" square like Delta and the lower takes the round ones like some of the Craftsman. Woodcraft has both if you need them. With a little TLC and fine tuning it's not a bad machine.


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Joe B.

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Re: parts for reliant band saw

When  Woodworkers Warehouse ( Timberline ) went out of business I believe that Woodcraft purchased the rights to their porduct line.  Check Woodcraft Stores to see if they have the parts available. They also sell Delta tools.

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