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no fastener wood joints

What type of no fastener joint would be best along the length of the grain for two peices joined at 90 degrees.  I am buildinga raised panel box that will have to be fairly strong, a cleated butt joint is not really an option.

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Re: no fastener wood joints

Tongue and groove

M & T

Dowel joint

Mitered rabbit (does look nice and strong)



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Re: no fastener wood joints

What species of wood are you building it from?


And a long-grain to long-grain glueup really does not need much more than just glue.  Modern glues are stronger than the joint.  The wood will break first (as lab testing has shown repeatedly).


If you've got a nicely milled face and side, apply adequate glue along the entire surface and then leave it in clamps for a couple of hours you shouldn't need anything to buttress the joint.   If you break that joint then it would have failed regardless.


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Re: no fastener wood joints

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Re: no fastener wood joints

The prototype will be pine batting if it works well then I'll try a nicer wood
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Re: no fastener wood joints

How about a box joint corner? Looks nice too.