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jet oscillating edge sander

I have model oes-80cs oscillating edge sander. The issue I have is that I can't sand a board and have it end up being flat across the whole surface. The table is 90 degrees to the belt , but all  the corners end up rounded over. I am looking for info from anybody who has this sander as to whether they have had this problem ad if so how did you fix it. Thanks.


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Re: jet oscillating edge sander

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Your existing post in the TOOLS forum should suffice, Bob.  Generally speaking you don't need to post the same question across multiples of our forums.


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Re: jet oscillating edge sander

Bob the bad thing with a sander like that is the human controlled eliminate. You are applying pressure with two hands in two different places while the sand paper is whizzing by. You never know  if you are putting more pressure in one area than you are in another.


Planners and drum sanders would give that same uneven  sanding if it was not for the spring system putting even pressure on the wood going through the machines. And ever those sanders will give bad results starting and ending before a person learns what to do.


I had my 6X24" belt sander for years before I thought I had learned to control it enough to use it on top of large areas.


 You will go through lots of wood before you master the use of an oscillating edge sander but hey, once you do the world will be yours.    Ha


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Re: jet oscillating edge sander

tape a short piece of scrap to the ends?  then you'll just round over the scrap....


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