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Re: Wooden Boot Jack Plan?

Hi I would like to make some of these as well could you email me the dimensions or the template I would be very grateful thank You


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Re: Wooden Boot Jack Plan?

Here's some 4H plans I found. The boot jack is on the last page, but it is full of small, simple plans.



Rick Mathison
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Re: Wooden Boot Jack Plan?

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You sure got a big laugh out of me on that one and the sad part is you are right.

Just look at this so called Health Bill that passed. I sure will be glad to see November come so we can vote all of the incumbents out. Oh, Oh I may have overstepped my bounds.


Here is one I made out of plywood during the big snow we had so I could take my gum boots off.


3690iBA22B04A6FC61429Simply take a piece of plywood 8" wide by 16" long and measure in 1" from both sides and layout a 45º angle to the center about 5" down from the top and bandsaw it out.


Then according to the next picture place a fulcrum just behind the bottom of the V and you have a boot jack,3691iBCE71B906738DFDC and there you have it.

Remember to keep your hands no closer to a spinning blade or bit than 6" for safety sake.


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Re: Wooden Boot Jack Plan?

Ron, I did one like the top one w/o the leather pad. Did based on one my father in law did. I just routed my initials and did one for my son also. I still use mine and is over 25 years old.

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Re: Wooden Boot Jack Plan?

I also would like the templates if possible????? I would pay for template and postage if needed??? Thanks!

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Re: Wooden Boot Jack Plan?

About politicians' tongue: Seems that right now, the only politicians in D.C. that have any convictions are those serving time!


By the way, have you ever broken down the work: Poli tics? Poly means many and a tic? They are bloodsuckers!


Sorry, but just got carried away! We are still having a heyday with our Poly Ticians in S.C.!

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Re: Wooden Boot Jack Plan?



I am a Technology Educator in New York and I have students that are very interested in making boot jacks.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could send me plans or templates of the design that you use.  I would be willing to pay for any postage fees if necessary.





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att: Rich Bullis

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Re: Wooden Boot Jack Plan?


This looks like a good magazine project.  I could use one as well.:smileyhappy:




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