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Wood expansion

I am building an end table about 13" x 19" and about 15" tall.  I have constructed the two sides and two ends and am now ready to attach the bottom which is slightly larger than the 13" x 19" box.  I live in south Florida and the end table will always be inside my home.  The finish will be stain and polyurethane.  Is it likely the bottom will expand and contract enought that I cannot glue the sides and ends to the bottom, but will rather have to use screws and enlarged screw holes?  Thanks

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Re: Wood expansion

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I would need to know more about your design for a definite answer.  If it's all plywood, you can glue everything.  If it's solid wood panels, then the answer depends on grain orientation.  I wouldn't glue any cross-grain connection across the entire length of the joint.  The 13" dimension comes close to being short enough not to worry about it.  But I personally wouldn't glue it in a cross-grain connection.



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Re: Wood expansion

+1 on Randy's comments, why not make a groove and fit the bottom panel in (w/o glue)?  If that absolutely won't work for you, consider gluing as Randy recommends. 



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Re: Wood expansion

+1 with the need for a better explanation.



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