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Wood Glue release agent?

Is there a product out there that is a release agent for PVA wood glue?
I am vacuuming pressing veneer on panels that have a hard wood edge, and am looking for a release agent to put on the edging to help save in clean up time.
I'm new to this site, thanks for the help.

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Re: Wood Glue release agent?

welcome to the forum.


as to the Q, none that i'm aware of.  you can either scrape/sand after the fact (messy and time consuming), or mask off the edges with blue tape, so that any squeeze out runs onto the tape, and not the wood.  or change glues??

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Re: Wood Glue release agent?

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Hey, Keith.  Welcome to the group.


Try blue tape.   I do this fairly frequenty with my vac press.   Check out these photos and see if this is kinda/sort what you had in mind.


I used a poplar cross banding over a routed edge and used the shoulder of the profile as the guide line for where I set the table saw blade.   I covered this in a blog about two years ago (old forum, since gone...), so here are several photos that show what I did.


Door edging (Large).jpgI used a plywood center core and applied a walnut edge around the perimeter.     I routed the profile first so that I wouldn't subject the dress veneer face to the spinning bit.   It was safe, but it took a good amount of blue tape to cover all four doors and four drawers.
















The poplar cross banding went down and I used blue tape to protect the walnut from the urea formaldehyde glue squeezout.


Why we tape the edges (Large).jpg 


Then I laid down the veneer and vacuum pressed it.   When cleaning it up I raised the table saw blad up juuuuuust high enough to score through the cross banding layer...


J&N Credenza 004 (Large).jpg


And then was able to clean it up like this:


J&N Credenza 007 (Large).jpg


I repeated the steps when I put down the walnut burl.


J&N Credenza 024 (Large).jpg


J&N Credenza 025 (Large).jpg


...and yielded four doors and four drawers that were neat and clean at the edges.  (photo taken right after removing the blue tape, but prior to any real cleanup with a card scraper - hence the remnants you see in the corner down at the bottom...)


J&N Credenza 062 (Large).jpg


When done it looked great.


Is this kinda/sorta what you had in mind?




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