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Re: Shop Slanted Floor Garage

Without a level assembly surface the squareness of a project could be bothered a bit. As far as tools go, I learned long ago to "square" tools to themselves. Check square drill bit to table, saw blades to table and so on. My brother in law used a fancy gauge to set his TS blade to an angle and found out after several cuts and a few wasted pieces that while the blade was at a specific angle to "level" his TS table was not level and the cut angles were off a bit. Not bad if building a ramp for a 4 wheeler or lawn mower but cabinetry.....just be careful of this little issue. My thoughts on a built up floor, as long as it is "easily" removable, albeit maybe wasteful, resale should not be bothered....kinda like putting berber carpet on the floor, not code but the foundation was not changed and the carpet can be removed bringing it back to code.

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Re: Shop Slanted Floor Garage

My garage it pitched to a 12" drain tile in the middle.  Strange how codes change all around.

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Re: Shop Slanted Floor Garage

As you stated, and probably not good quote, a 2:12 pitched floor is about 9.5 degrees, so I think it's something else as already stated.


If it's the normal pitch, also as previously stated, I don't see a need for a special floor, Just shim your tools, benches and tables, if necessary.



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Re: Shop Slanted Floor Garage

Once you add the new floor it no longer could be used as a garage, so I don't quite think the code could then apply. 


But it would be an issue for resale, unless you make the new floor easy to remove to convert back into a garage.  But, unless your floor is dramatically sloped I doubt you will notice the slope.  

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Re: Shop Slanted Floor Garage

install a flat level wood floor that's removable...


screws and hold the glue...

build it so chases are there for the DC or electric to the stand alone machinery...

this would have been the week that I'd have finished chewing thru the restraints...
if only new layers hadn't been added....


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Re: Shop Slanted Floor Garage

My floor is sloped like that as well but it seems to have a downward "V" shape going from the center and sloping down and out toward the sides, weird, I can level anything in the center of the floor, off to either side, I have to adjust.  Adjustment even in my conditions is not difficult, especially if you don't have to move anything around.

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Re: Shop Slanted Floor Garage

There is no law/code that I know of that says you can't do woodworking in a bedroom. Pour your floor level, put in a couple windows at the right height for egress and a closet which will convert to tool storage and call it a bed room.Smiley Very Happy

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