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Plywood in a Suburban

I am considering trading my pickup for a Suburban.  Has anybody tried to put a 4x8 sheet of plywood in a 2009 or 2010 Chevy Suburban?  I read that if you take out the 3rd row seats, it will fit.  I would like some confirmation on that.



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Re: Plywood in a Suburban

No need for confirmation, Fred. It can be done as long the floor is flat. Before you remove the seats take a rough measurement and see where you are. Later on you will need to cut out the space for wheel housing.


Are you removing the carpet or going over it?

How will you secure it?

How will you have access to rear storage?



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Re: Plywood in a Suburban

   when i buy plywood, i always have the dealer cut it into 2 manageable parts, not always matching halves. i know what sizes i'm going to need and figure a way to make the cut. my dealer makes 1 cut free. then i load it on the luggage rack of my 1998 chevy blazer.

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Re: Plywood in a Suburban

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Like anything, the Web sites always give you information you aren't looking for and that one piece that you are isn't there.  The Spec's say 49.1" between the wheel wells so your good for one direction, but doesn't bother listing any lengths behind the differnt seats. Go figure.  Good luck in your search.


Added: I found that the GMC Yukon XL (I'm assuming similar to the Suburban) lists the length behind the front seat as 101".  I think the Yukon is based the same as the Suburban.


Link to Yukon XL Dimensions 

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Re: Plywood in a Suburban

I (well my wife) have an '04 and it will fit..snuggly.  I belive you'll have to scoot the seats up a hair...been a while.  Don't plan on carrying anyone other than a passenger with you though.  If I know I'm getting ply when we go to town, I will take out the rear seat and lay down the 2nd row.  Otherwise, I get it when I'm in town with my truck.



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