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Dust Collection Compound Miter Saw

I have a DeWalt compound miter saw.  It is connected to a 1 hp dust collector.  A removable home built dust collector shroud directing for 90 degree cuts works fine.  The shroud needs to be removed for 45 degree cuts.  Anyone have a good system for collecting dust from compound miter saws at any angle?

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Re: Dust Collection Compound Miter Saw

I don't believe there is such an animal, you can only try to get most of it. Just make your shroud larger and if you do come up with something that works really well, patent it! My saw is permanently mounted with a large shroud around with the dust collector located below the saw I works fairly well except for the fine dust. If I could I would mount a fan with a filter directly behind the saw in the wall vented to the outside.



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Re: Dust Collection Compound Miter Saw

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As mentioned, try making your shroud larger.  Or make yours movable so you can reposition it for miter cuts.  I've seen some by folks in the past that either clamp in position or slide left/right on a rail.


If you look at this old post of mine, you will see the large shroud that works well with my large DC.



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Re: Dust Collection Compound Miter Saw

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scms_4.JPGI made mine with a funnel shape, gravity takes it down to the intake.  I believe a flat area at the intake leaves too much sawdust lying around it. I also put a piece of ratwire over the duct to prevent large pieces and small tools from getting sucked in. It gets the majority but you still get some on the bed and floor. The 2" black hose can be connected to the factory saw chute and for clean up.


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Re: Dust Collection Compound Miter Saw

IMG_0415.JPGThis is the one that I came up with and works very well on all cuts except compound cuts. for those I just remove the whole thing. Doors open and shut as needed.

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