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Compound Angles - Tapered Herb Planter Box

My Wife wants me to build her some Herb Planter Boxes about 2ft x 4ft out of 2x12 stock.  She would like the sides and end to taper in at the bottom about 7 deg. for looks.  I would prefer to use dado on the front and back to help hold the ends in place.  My question is regarding the compound Angle to cut the end parts ?   Any you math folks help would be appreciated.

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Re: Compound Angles - Tapered Herb Planter Box

i'd build a simple jig to hold the sides at the 7 degree angle (either off the fence, or off the table, depending on what your saw can handle), then cut at 45 with a miter saw.  no complex math needed.

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Re: Compound Angles - Tapered Herb Planter Box

If you're wanting to use dadoes there will be no complex math. I would cut two pieces 4' long and two pieces 2' long. Remove about 1.5" to nothing from either end on all four pieces and that will get you close to 7 degrees. Then, you can cut your dadoes just using a fence like you would for a straight piece. That is, if I understand exactly what you're wanting to do.


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