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Compass Rose

Does anyone have any simple instructions for making a Compass Rose???  I am looking to make an overlay and not an inlay as in marquetry. If you have any photos that would be nice also.  Thanks

John T.
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Re: Compass Rose

Good Morning John,

I am not quite sure I know what you are meaning about a compass rose however I have in the past carved them into a piece I was working on and there are a couple of methods you could use. One would be to carve a low relief rose into the face of the board with in the piece of cabinet or furniture or you could carve a rose out of a separate piece of wood and then add it to the item it would go on.


Here is an example of roses carved into the piece;

Chip carved picture;

Remember to keep your hands no closer to a spinning blade or bit than 6" for safety sake.


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Re: Compass Rose



This is a compass rose.  I wish I could help the OP.  I have no idea how to make one.


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Re: Compass Rose

Hey John,


Check here

and some ideas



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Re: Compass Rose

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John - there's also a book available which includes the compass rose, CLICK HERE . I could only find it available in the UK - Willy

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Re: Compass Rose

Best instruction I have seen is: 

That is for inlaiying a veneer compass rose, but could be adapted to solid wood or flooring.

Good luck,



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