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1/4 sheet sander won't hold paper

I have a Ridgid R2500 quarter sheet sander.  Until this current project I'm working on I had not used it much.  Yesterday I started to sand and the spring arms that are supposed to hold the paper popped open, releasing the paper.  It happens every time, whether the paper is new or old, in contact with the wood or not.  The tool is now completely useless.  This is my second 1/4 sheet sander and by far the worst.  When it did work you really had to hold it tight or it would jump all over.  Any suggestions on a smooth and reliable 1/4 sheet sander?  I have a great ROS but I'm trying to keep the paper cost down.


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Re: 1/4 sheet sander won't hold paper

(1) on Ridgid's web site they show that tool with a lifetime warranty with registration....


(2) on this site they show part #38 which I think are your springs to hold down the paper?  Parts should be available.

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Re: 1/4 sheet sander won't hold paper

P-toad has told you about warranty.


if you still opt for new sander, Makita or Bosch would be great choice.



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