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temporary spray booth

I know several of you use plastic sheeting for spray booths, incl me.  I notice peeling creates dust/trash in my finish the next time I spray.  Do you replace the plastic after each use?   Do you use a cloth tarp over the plastic?  Do you peel it, clean it and reuse it?  Other method?

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Re: temporary spray booth

My spray booth is a temporary one.   It is made in five 8' x 8' sections; 4 sides a roof and a large combination of cardboard to cover the floor.   Plastic is far to slippery to walk on. 


The individual sections are a 2"x 2" wood frame covered in clear plastic that when assembled are held together with clamps.   When I finish spraying and the paint on the plastic dries a few shakes of each section and anything that is loose will fall off prior to me putting them away.