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I have a 7 drawer dresser that looks like pine but I suspect is particle board. Is it ok to sand lightly and restain darker?

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Garry E. Matlack

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Re: advise

If it is in fact particle board, the "finish" is not really a finish, but a sort of applique to simulate wood grain.


In that case, answer to your question is "no".  I suppose you could paint it.  


if it is not particle board, and is actual wood, then normal refinihing techniques would be in order.


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Tony in SC

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Re: advise

Are you saying it's particle board or is it particle board with a wood veneer applied?  If the latter do not attempt to sand off the existing finish.  The veneer will be very thin and you will run the risk of sanding through the veneer.  In addition, sanding does not do a throrough job of removing all the existing finish.  Finishes like Minwax Wood Finish require virgin wood or wood where the existing finish has been completely removed.  Any residual finish will impede the application of a new stain cauing uneven coloring.  Use a chemical paint stripper containing methylene chloride.  Follow the directions on the label.  This paint stripper will do the best and fastest job removing the existing finish.