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What order do I do this? Looking to distress some wood

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My son wants a bed made from barn wood. Been searching like crazy, but can't find any. I'm going to experiment with the steel wool and vinegar method to see what I can come up with, but I want to give him options.

My other option is to distress some wood some (screws, nails, chain, etc.) and stain it. I want the distressed parts to show darker than the rest so what order should I do it?


Something like this:


I'm thinking:
- Apply medium stain, finish, distress, apply darker (maybe gel) stain and wipe off quickly
Thought process is, once it's finished, the darker stain would be less apt to "stick" to the parts that aren't distressed?

Any thoughts though before I start all this trial and error?


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Re: What order do I do this? Looking to distress some wood

I normally do this with a glaze.   A gel stain used as a glaze between coats of finish should accomplish the same thing.


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