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Ratio of Mineral Spirits/Stain for 1st coat

I am working with Beech for the first time and I just got the specific stain for a frame project for church and put it on straight from the can on a large scrap piece that was sanded down to 220 grit like the frames have been done. It is a darker stain (Varathane "American Walnut #260). It soaked up a lot of stain and looks a bit muddy. So I want to thin it out a bit with mineral spirits as I have done that with oak before with decent results. Since this is a first for me with the Beech, what kind of ratio would be good for this or am I barking up the wrong tree?


Here is the scrap piece stained





Here are 2 of the large 43"x43" frames prior to sanding



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Re: Ratio of Mineral Spirits/Stain for 1st coat

 I'm no expert by any means but you might try a wash coat of shellac before staining.   As always try on a sample board.   Roly

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Re: Ratio of Mineral Spirits/Stain for 1st coat

The only answer that makes sense is to test it out on scrap to determine the effect of the thinner

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Re: Ratio of Mineral Spirits/Stain for 1st coat

Allen, I know that Ralph does the 50/50 with stain/spirits and I have had great results with a 50/50 shellac/DNA. I tried the stain method with not as good of results. Just my opinion.

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