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Cedar Chest Refinish Success

A couple of months ago you guys gave me advice on how to restore a shellac finished old cedar hope chest.  It turns out to have been an old Caswell-Runyan from Indiana made sometime between 1907 and 1957.  The advice I received allowed me to restore the old shellac to an almost original gloss (or maybe better).  It had plenty of shellac to use as most of it was caked up in alligatoring.  Dissolving it was very fun.  But some garnet shellac flakes were still needed to help match the  new board in the middle of the lid.  I applied with a brush and several coats of spray.  I didn't like how the brushed went on, so I went with the sprayer.  It turned out OK, but I wish I could have removed the hardware.  It was tacked on and I didn't think I could remove it without tearing it all up.  We donated it to our Lutheran school's auction, and it went for $580.  I felt pretty good about that and learned quite a bit too. Thanks to Steve M and the guys who responded, for your help.



























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Re: Cedar Chest Refinish Success

Fantastic work!  There's something glorious about bringing new life into an old piece.  I don't care what they say on antiques roadshow!

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Re: Cedar Chest Refinish Success

Wow! That chest looks great.


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Re: Cedar Chest Refinish Success

wow the chest looks great!  I was just given a chest very similar however made in lancaster pa.. and believe it or not, it came from my Lutheran pastor...  Smiley Happy  However, the top does have the alligator problem you mentioned. I would like to know what advise you were given to refinish the top. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Cedar Chest Refinish Success

Very nicely done and sure is a beauty to look at.



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Re: Cedar Chest Refinish Success


The cedar chest you did looks amazing.  I have similar old cedar chest and would like improve how it looks.  Some of the finish has alligatored.  Could you share you you refinished yours?

Would appreciate it.



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Re: Cedar Chest Refinish Success

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Re: Cedar Chest Refinish Success

Since Hank has stopped in already may I extend a hearty welcome also???...

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The author of this thread ...

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... has not visited the forum since March of 2012 so there is a good possibility that he will not see your request.  I do recall the project; but, before we begin, a bit more information will help.  First, I assume your chest is also made of cedar though you did not make that clear.  If it is cedar, is it solid cedar or is the chest veneered.  Also, is the finish the original shellac or have previous attempts at refinishing been made?  This article will help you determine the finish currently on your chest.  Please note the instructions on cleaning before making the tests.  Finally, photos would certainly help...




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Cedar Chest

Thanks for the warm welcome.  The chest is very similar to the one in the picture.  It is solid cedar with metal (copper?) bands.  I have had it for almost 40 years and it has never been refinished in that time period.  It was bought at an antique auction and I believe it is fairly old.  I do not think it has ever been refinished.  I followed the link to see what the finish was.

I had rubbing alcohol and used that to try to test for type of finish.  I cleaned it with warm water and a soft cloth and then I used a few drops of alcohol on a q-tip and the cotton end turned brown and the surface became sticky.  So, I am assuming that it is shellac.  I like original finishes but this one has several white marks on it and worn marks in other areas and definitely needs a tune up.  Not very experienced with refinishing furniture except with a power sander and don't want to do that with this piece. 

Any help would be appreciated.