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Carver Tripp Stain

I need some Carver Tripp American Walnut stain.  Any out there to be had?  All help appreciated.




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Re: Carver Tripp Stain

I did a quick search and from what i read elsewhere it appears that company is no longer making stains (although still in business).  Someone suggested taking the stain (if you have any left) and taking it to Lowes (the person writing claimed that they "match" stains...)...   I have no experience in this and don't know for sure that Lowes offers this, but if you are near one; it couldn't hurt to try.    


The odds are very, very slim of finding someone with that particular stain in the same batch number as yours. 

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Re: Carver Tripp Stain

I used Carver stain on a table. Problem is now when I wipe the table with a damp cloth, stain wipes off on my cloth. Suggestions? This is my first time staining.
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Re: Carver Tripp Stain

I'm completely unfamiliar with Carver Tripp stains (though I have heard of them), but I have to ask: shouldn't that stain have been topcoated with something to prevent that?

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