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How to tell when you've got a message in your PM inbox

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There are two ways of finding out if there are messages in your Private Messaging inbox.


1.)   At the upper right side of every page, right below the "SEARCH" button, is an icon with a number next to it in parenthesis.   


When you have messages the icon will look like an envelope.  And the number in parenthesis is the quanity of messages you have.    


You can click this icon and be taken directly to your PM page, where you can read your messages as well as send new messages to others.


2.)  You can also get there by going to the WOOD Community page.  At the bottom of the page is a section for Private Messages.  





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Re: How to tell when you've got a message in your PM inbox

... and a third one would be a mail notification inside your Inbox.



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